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Dell 5100cn

  • Bron: Colour laser printers run the gamut in price, from the inexpensive Samsung CLP-500 to the premium Lexmark C762n . Treading the middle ground is the Dell 5100cn, a sub-£500 (ex. VAT) colour laser printer with Ethernet capability, two-sided printing, solid paper handling and enough speed for an office...
  • Voordelen: Inexpensive;, fast print speeds;, built-in duplexer;, network ready;, good service and support packages
  • Nadelen: Mediocre graphics print quality;, dull-looking design uses cheap plastics
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HP DeskJet 450

  • Bron: HP thinks you need to be able to print on the move, and has produced the DeskJet 450 to meet this need. This compact colour inkjet is not only small enough to carry around, but it can also be powered from a battery.
  • Voordelen: Compact;, can run on battery power;, good photo quality using optional photo cartridge.
  • Nadelen: Not the cheapest inkjet available;, very slow when handling large photo images.
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HP Colour LaserJet 1500L

  • Bron: The HP Colour LaserJet 1500L is the entry-level model in Hewlett-Packard's line of home and small-office colour laser printers. It has the same basic specs and solid performance quality as the LaserJet 2500 series, minus a large paper capacity and a few expansion options. Priced at £671 ex.
  • Voordelen: Inexpensive colour;, compatible with Windows and the Mac OS;, good print quality and print speeds;, easy to set up and use.
  • Nadelen: Low paper capacity;, few expansion options;, USB-only, but no USB cable included.
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Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 940c

  • Bron: Is it too much to ask that an inkjet printer be good at everything? Apparently it is when you're in the sub-£100 price range. HP's DeskJet 940c is inexpensive and very good at printing colour graphics, and that's all many users want. However, this product is not without its flaws.
  • Voordelen: Excellent graphics printing on any paper;, low purchase price.
  • Nadelen: Slightly slower and significantly more expensive per page than the competition.
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HP Business Inkjet 2600dn

  • Bron: This networked A3+ colour printer offers good quality printing, plenty of paper capacity and duplex printing as standard. It’s not going to win any speed records at 5.5ppm in standard mode, but for printing and proofing of all sorts of colour documents, it offers a good mix of quality and features.
  • Voordelen: Good image quality;, duplex printing
  • Nadelen: Large footprint;, slow at best quality
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