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ASUS Zen AIO Pro Z240IC review: Attractive design and strong performance, but limited upgradeabil... See newest reviews

ASUS Zen AIO Pro Z240IC review: Attractive design and strong performance, but limited upgradeability

  • Bron: It's pretty clear that the Zen AIO Pro from ASUS takes most of its design cues from Apple's iMac. It has a similar slimline, metallic design, with a pedestal stand -- that doesn't allow you to adjust the height of the screen -- and even the faux brushed-metal finish on its mouse and keyboard (which...
  • Voordelen: Slimline all-in-one design, Attractive 23.8-inch display with 4K resolution, Strong performance from Core i7 processor, High-speed solid-state drive
  • Nadelen: Non-essential touchscreen adds to the price, Inconvenient location of ports and interfaces, Poor upgradeability
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HP Z2 Mini G3 Workstation review: Power in a pint-sized package

  • Bron: For most people, the term 'workstation' probably still brings to mind a conventional desktop or deskside system. However, recent years have seen the high-end components required to run CAD and other compute-intensive applications squeezed into small form-factor desktops and clamshell-format mobile...
  • Voordelen: Compact form factor, Multiple positioning options, Solid all-round performance, Quiet in operation, Can support up to six displays
  • Nadelen: Few GPU options, Limited upgradability
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Dell OptiPlex 7440 AIO review: A no-nonsense IT-friendly business desktop

  • Bron: It's fair to say that Dell's 23.8-inch OptiPlex 7440 AIO isn't the most elegantly designed all-in-one PC on the market. It lacks the gleaming metal livery sported by many of its AIO rivals, its nondescript black plastic chassis sending out a message that this OptiPlex is all about down-to-earth...
  • Voordelen: Easy repairs and user upgrades, Three-year warranty, Solid mid-range performance, Internal DVD drive
  • Nadelen: Only 1,920-by-1,080 resolution (in the UK), No discrete GPU, Few BTO options, Hard drive (7,200rpm) rather than SSD storage, Rear ports and interfaces are hard to reach
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Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 910 review: Attractive design and competitive price, but modest performance

  • Bron: Microsoft made headlines -- and cleverly managed to steal some of Apple's thunder -- when it unveiled the eye-catching 28-inch Surface Studio recently. You could argue, though, that Lenovo got there first with its IdeaCentre AIO 910 .
  • Voordelen: Attractively designed 27-inch AIO with flexible stand, Competitive price, includes discrete GPU, Easy access to drive bay in stand, Display can act as a standalone monitor for a laptop
  • Nadelen: Only 1,920-by-1,080 resolution, Slow 5,400rpm hard drive, Few applications for the Intel RealSense camera
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