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Lenovo ThinkCentre M92z review

  • Bron: Lenovo's ThinkCentre M92z All-In-One Desktop is a business-class stablemate of the hybrid SME/consumer ThinkCentre Edge 92z that we examined recently. Built around a 23in. screen, the ThinkCentre M92z can be configured with a full set of security and manageability features: our relatively low-end...
  • Voordelen: 23in. matte IPS screen with good viewing angles, DisplayPort in and out, Power-frugal, Quiet in operation
  • Nadelen: Non-vPro Core i3 CPU, Integrated graphics, Moderate performance
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HP Z1 Workstation review

  • Bron: Apple's all-in-one iMac has a lot to answer for, not least the fact that the PC market is now awash with AIO designs with more than a nod to Cupertino. At first glance, HP's 27in.
  • Voordelen: Large, high-quality screen, Clever flip-open design, Solid build quality, High-end components
  • Nadelen: Bulky and heavy, Awkward screen adjustment mechanism, Some inaccessible ports, No eSATA or Thunderbolt ports
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Dell OptiPlex 9030 review: A secure and businesslike 23-inch AIO desktop

  • Bron: Dell's OptiPlex all-in-one (AIO) business desktops recently had a refresh, with security features prominent in the company's messaging around the new 19.5-inch 3030 and 23-inch 9030 systems. The top-end OptiPlex 9030 comes in preconfigured models costing between £649 (ex. VAT) and $1,002 (ex.
  • Voordelen: Compact, understated design, Good CPU and memory performance, Extensive security options, Good selection of ports, Built-in power supply, Tool-free internal access, Quiet in operation
  • Nadelen: Slow 5,400rpm hard drive, Discrete GPU option not yet available, Touchscreen option not yet available in the UK
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HP Compaq t5720 Thin Client

  • Bron: The latest addition to the HP Compaq family of thin clients, the t5720 is the first to deploy an AMD processor. Not that the CPU is anything particularly fancy -- just an AMD Geode NX 1500 , which majors on power saving (6 Watts) rather than performance.
  • Voordelen: Fast AMD processor, low heat output, silent, good video support, Altiris management software, optional quick-release mounting bracket
  • Nadelen: Bulky for a thin client, little documentation included
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ASUS Zen AIO Pro Z240IC review: Attractive design and strong performance, but limited upgradeability

  • Bron: It's pretty clear that the Zen AIO Pro from ASUS takes most of its design cues from Apple's iMac. It has a similar slimline, metallic design, with a pedestal stand -- that doesn't allow you to adjust the height of the screen -- and even the faux brushed-metal finish on its mouse and keyboard (which...
  • Voordelen: Slimline all-in-one design, Attractive 23.8-inch display with 4K resolution, Strong performance from Core i7 processor, High-speed solid-state drive
  • Nadelen: Non-essential touchscreen adds to the price, Inconvenient location of ports and interfaces, Poor upgradeability
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