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OQO model e2

  • Bron: Back in 2004 we saw the original OQO, a small-format computer with a screen that slides up to reveal a thumb keyboard. The OQO model 01 has since been through more than one revision, and we now have the OQO model e2 — which is on sale in Europe only — in our hands for testing.
  • Voordelen: Small and stylish, Supports an external monitor resolution of 1,920 by 1,200
  • Nadelen: Lacks the RAM to run Windows Vista adequately, Too small to be a viable alternative to a notebook, Battery life could be better, Runs slightly hot
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Toshiba Pocket PC e330

  • Bron: Toshiba's range of handhelds comprises a high end and an entry-level range. Both strands have recently been refreshed with new models, the entry-level newcomer being the Pocket PC e350. In many ways, it's typical of the increasing number of low-cost Pocket PCs that are emerging today.
  • Voordelen: High-quality transflective screen, pleasing look and feel.
  • Nadelen: Meagre software bundle.
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HP iPAQ Pocket PC H3950

  • Bron: Compare HP's iPAQ H3950 to the company's iPAQ H3835, and you'll notice two important upgrades: a new, transflective LCD and the faster Intel XScale processor, which runs at 400MHz instead of 206MHz. That's all well and good, and we expected a price bump for these improvements.
  • Voordelen: XScale processor, fits existing iPAQ sleeves, consumer IR, built-in Secure Digital card slot, terrific screen.
  • Nadelen: Expensive, no built-in CompactFlash card slot.
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Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX N520

  • Bron: Fujitsu Siemens' range of Pocket LOOX Windows Mobile handhelds has recently been augmented by the N series, which includes a built-in GPS receiver and version 5 of the Navigon Mobile Navigator route-planning software. There are two configurations: The N500 and the N520.
  • Voordelen: Compact, with built-in GPS receiver, 54Mbps 802.11g Wi-Fi, all-in-one software and hardware bundle, long battery life
  • Nadelen: Lacks Bluetooth, some navigation glitches during testing
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Palm Tungsten C

  • Bron: The Tungsten C is Palm's first handheld to have 802.11b built in. It's also the first to break the 16MB RAM barrier, and the first to come with a 400MHz Intel XScale processor. Palm has opted for the new PXA255 chip, which Intel says is designed to provide significant speed gains and improved power...
  • Voordelen: Built-in Wi-Fi, fast 400MHz processor and 64MB of RAM, high-resolution screen, usable thumb keyboard, pleasing design and solid construction.
  • Nadelen: Stylus and screen-cover slots are not interchangeable, no headset as standard, no Wi-Fi 'on' indicator.
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